Come visit us at The Museum of Military Memorabilia. We have thousands of military artifacts from all branches of the Military. The Museum is located in the Naples Municipal Airport which was originally built by the Army Corps of Engineers to train pilots for the pacific theater in WWII.

What has begun as a Museum Honoring Military Aviation in WWII has evolved into so much more. You can now see historical artifacts dating back to the Revolutionary War and all the way up to the present day Iraq & Afghanistan conflicts.

2012 marked the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Naples Airport as a WWII Army Air Forces Training Base.

Ted Gundy and Gibbs 1903A4 Sniper Rifle

Ted Gundy and Gibbs 1903A4 Sniper Rifle

Looking thru the Scope


Ted Gundy and Gibbs 1903A4 sniper rifle. Definitely worth watching. Around eight minutes.Watch this  84 Year Old Sniper  and remember, it’s been about sixty years since he’s done this.
This will blow your socks off if you appreciate what these guys do.

Ted Gundy and Gibbs 1903A4 Sniper Rifle

Sniper Position w/ spotter

When he arrived in Europe as a replacement, Ted Gundy was handed a sniper rifle because he’d scored the highest in his company during training.

Gibbs 1903A4 Sniper Rifle

Gibbs 1903A4 Sniper Rifle with case and extras

Today, sniper selection and training is far more complex and involved, but, truth be told, Ted Gundy would likely be a sniper if he enlisted today.

Given a replica of his old rifle and 65 years later, Gundy showed he is still a marksman.
Today, Gundy’s gait might be uncertain, his hands shaky and his hearing electronically enhanced (but not always quite enough), but when he settled behind “his” 03 Springfield A4 sniper rifle, none of that mattered.

From a basic rest, he proceeded to make hits on a silhouette target -at 300 yards. Each one was better than the previous, with the final round landing dead center.


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