Come visit us at The Museum of Military Memorabilia. Our Naples Municipal Airport location displays a just a fraction of the artifacts we have available. Here are some of our current showcases which highlight WWII Aviation.

2012 marked the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Naples Airport as a WWII Army Air Forces Training Base.

M-37 Dodge Truck



The 3/4 ton rated M-37 family of trucks were built by Dodge as the first M-series 3/4 ton truck, the successor to the G-502 WC 3/4 ton family of trucks used in WW II and Korea.  The M37 is a custom military design developed starting in 1948 and produced is several groups and models from 1950 to 1968.  The M37 series was used by all the U.S. services from the early 1950s through the 1980s and exported widely around the world.  Although a little sluggish, this is one of the toughest and most reliable trucks ever built.

1953 M37 owned by Madison Hughes, CAF Highland Lakes Squadron Air Show, Burnet, TX, 12 April 2008.  Photo courtesy Bob Pettit 1953 M37 owned by Madison Hughes, CAF Highland Lakes Squadron Air Show, Burnet, TX, 12 April 2008.  Photo courtesy Bob Pettit.

M37 Dodge 3/4 ton 4×4 Truck Family (G-741)

M37 Dodge prototypes were delivered to the Army early in 1950, and the first production vehicles in December that year. The Chrysler/Dodge internal designation was T245 which also identifies the engine. DSC06618                                                                                                                                           P.Radley M37 w/trailer outside Museum

During 1951 through 1954 vehicles of the M37 series were produced and delivered monthly, totalling over 63,000 by mid-1954.  By 1957, cumulative changes to the design resulted in the designation M37B1 (and T245A) for deliveries starting in 1958.  From 1958 through 1968, about 47,600 M37B1 series vehicles were produced.  In addition, a Canadian version (M37CDN) was produced from 1951-1955, an additional 4500+ vehicles.

The M-37 was succeeded by trucks derived from commercial vehicles, including the Kaiser M-715 and Dodge M-880.  Eventually almost all of the U.S. military light duty trucks were replaced by the HMMWV.

The M-37 family trucks were produced with and without a winch, and with multiple body styles including:

There were other prototypes and limited production models in small numbers, such as:

History Source:  Wikipedia


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