Come visit us at The Museum of Military Memorabilia. Our Naples Municipal Airport location displays a just a fraction of the artifacts we have available. Here are some of our current showcases which highlight WWII Aviation.

2012 marked the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Naples Airport as a WWII Army Air Forces Training Base.

Ed Sieber’s talk on the sinking of the Yamato, from last year

Ed SieberEd tells the Story

 the sinking of

the Battleship Yamato

The Museum of Military Memorabilia


hosting a presentation featuring Ed Sieber

, a Navy Pilot from WWII who participated

in a coordinated attack by 400 planes from a dozen U.S. Aircraft Carriers to sink the Japanese Battleship


.The Yamato

The presentation

began at 2:00 with Museum

President Robert McDonald introducing Ed Sieber’s wife, June.

Museum Pres. Bobby give a talk

                                                                  She gave a brief history of her husbands accomplishments

                              including being awarded the Silver Star in

                          his first attempt on the Yamato.

plane diving model of Yamato  framed docs  . The Navy  Cross for Hitting the Yamato on the second attempt and two Distinguished Flying

Crosses and four Air Medals for actions during a total of 31 combat missions. June Sieber then introduced Ed Sieber.

Ed started his

presentation with a description of how he was recruited into the Navy as a Flyer and in 1943 he received a Commission and got his Wings.

He talked of life as the War started, the attempt of limiting Japanese sea power which lead them to building the Giant 70,000 ton Yamato.

A description of the Doolittle raid on Tokyo and the eventual Japanese raid on Midway. On March 19, 1945 Ed Sieber joined in an

attack on Kuri where the Yamato was built when the giant Battleship was seen heading for the open sea. He was in a formation of 8 dive

bombers ordered to go after the Yamato. None of the bombers hit the Yamato and one was lost. On April 7, 1945 the Yamato was again spotted

200 miles away from the American Task force.

A coordinated attack took place with Ed Sieber in the slot position in a formation of SB2C Helldiver dive bombers

. Starting at 20,000

feet and going straight down in a 90 degrees dive Ed Sieber struck the Yamato with both of his 1000 pound bombs striking a vital blow

on the Yamato. Eventually 13 torpedoes stuck the starboard side of the Yamato and the great ship rolled over and sank after 2 hours.

Also at the presentation was Lenny Manchuck, Radio Operator in one of the Torpedo Bombers that struck the Yamato.

    Ed Sieber discusses   After Ed Sieber spoke    there was a question and answer time and   refreshments were served.

         .enjoying refreshments

This was a great chance to celebrate an important victory in WWII history with a member of the Greatest Generation who participated in it.  Make plans to experience this event in Person this year on August 10 ( Saturday)  at 1pm,  at The museum of Military Memorabilia  as Ed recreates  this very important event in our Nations History, From one of the Navy Pilots that was in the battle.


While we wait for the Video of Ed Speaking from this years event,

here is a Video about the Yamato’s last days in two parts


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