Come visit us at The Museum of Military Memorabilia. Our Naples Municipal Airport location displays a just a fraction of the artifacts we have available. Here are some of our current showcases which highlight WWII Aviation.

2012 marked the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Naples Airport as a WWII Army Air Forces Training Base.

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TAPS played as you’ve probably never heard it…

The Netherlands American Cemetery and MemorialIn the village of Margraten, about six miles from Maastricht. There lies buried 8,301, American soldiers killed in the battles to liberate Holland in the fall winter of 1944-5….

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Normandy Map

D-Day 2014, The saluting boy on Omaha beach

This is on you tube thought it belonged here

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The Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial

 On this peaceful May morning we commemorate a great victory for liberty, and the thousands of white marble crosses and Stars of David underscore the terrible price we pay for that victory

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4th july13a (31)

70th Anniversary D-Day

Video Tour of D-Day invasion

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A new Slideshow

some new pictures of the Museum and out in the hallway cases

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WW2 Operation Pluto

WW2 Operation Pluto

Ok, all you history buffs. How did all the tanks and vehicles get their gas in WWII as they dashed across Europe? The following video is a brief history of how that was accomplished. You may already have known of this, but this is interesting.

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Sgt. Alvin C York

Sergeant York, was one of the most decorated American soldiers in World War I

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